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'Trinite' exhibition catalogue - Paris14-04-16 / 18-04-16 

      Between these bodies intercrossing, rythmed by the watercolour streams of vivid colours. Martin Ferniot questions us through his character's inquisitive gaze. A direct link is established with the work, he perturbs and seduces at the same time. Here you are, taken in the mesh of the suggestive force of the fathomless power of images.


      Oscillating between graphic isolation and pictural liquid matter, the paper moults into a screen where on which our urges are projected, we are the forced speakers of these beings who seem to wish to flee from an unknown fate, progressively invading our existence.


      Mixing personal memories with inherited emotions from childhood and images collected through wandering, he is searching to build, through his creation, a link between scraps of an intimate life and anonymous fragments. Giving on one hand, a name to forgotten images, and on another hand his personal emotions.


     This metaphysical quest of the link is a kind of self introspection guiding the production of his work.

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